Featured Project

- ChoiceSpine 20'x30'

Innovation and design are at the heart of ChoiceSpine’s company story.  Both are key in their product offerings and why their company is one of the fastest growing companies in the medical products industry.

Innovation and design are also why ChoiceSpine chose Design Display to design and produce their 20’ x 30’ exhibit for the 2014 North American Spine Society meeting.  “Working with Design Display is such a joy,” said Katey Marina, Director of Marketing/Communication at ChoiceSpine.  “At ChoiceSpine we realize the importance of working in a team environment and when we work with Design Display we feel like we are all on the same team.  By working closely with them, we were able to create a booth that was not only a beautiful design but also highly functional.  We couldn’t be happier with the final product and the great people on the Design Display team!”

Our philosophy “form follows function” was the driving force behind the booth design, especially the product pods. The task was to showcase ChoiceSpine’s spinal screws, implants, and insertion devices, while allowing hands-on demonstration to the surgeons.  “Forrest White and the design team’s solution was a retractable glass system in front of the vertical display areas on the pods.  We were able to move the glass up and down to grab the instruments and devices we needed to demonstrate the products to our customers.  These product pods not only functioned well, but were also contemporary and beautiful,” said Katey.

“Design Display gave us everything on our wish list: a tall header which put our logo high above the show floor, an area to sit and visit with prospects, a design that did not have a designated ‘front’ or ‘back’ as we wanted our customers to enter from any side of our booth, a hospitality bar, and plenty of storage.  Our expectations were exceeded on this design!  Tate Cantrell, and the rest of the group at Design Display, listened to our needs, collaborated with us and produced a display environment that met every one of our needs, and we had more booth traffic than ever at the show!”